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The best endorsement a business can get is a letter of recommendation from a satisfied customer. Here are is what some of our past clients have said about their experience with All Star Relocation. 

“Experts say moving is up there with death and divorce for stressing people out. We can assure you that two ‘pack rats’ moving from a nine-room house into a four-room apartment was very traumatic!!!

Out of the frustration came two angels to help us—Cindy and Judy from Let’s Get Moving! They came to the house and carefully packed boxes of clothes, knick-knacks, dolls, bears, fabric and many, many miscellaneous ‘stuff’. They also made arrangements with a moving company, coordinated and supervised the move.

After the move they unpacked and placed the contents, including hanging the pictures. So now the apartment feels like ‘home’ with all our treasures around us.

If you need help with downsizing and don’t have the time or the energy to do it – All Star Relocationcan do it for you. We recommend them highly!”

—Joyce F. and Joy M.
Nashville, TN


“My wife and I want to thank All Star Relocation…for the great service that you provided to us recently following the death of my mother. At such a sad time in our lives, my wife and I were also faced with needing to move her things out of her apartment. You met with us at our convenience on our busy schedule while we were in Nashville for the funeral and took over from there. After that we were able to work with you by telephone and email from our home in Houston, TX to get our furniture, boxes, and things move out of the apartment and shipped to us. You also worked with us to move some things out of an off-site storage unit. Throughout the process I found you both professional and sympathetic to our situation and needs. Everything arrived in Houston with nothing lost or damaged.

I'm so glad that we saw your card and the Let's Get Moving! brochure…where Mother's apartment was. …You saved us a hurried trip back to Nashville, many days in a motel, many phone calls and much frustration. We will be back to Nashville to visit with family and friends, but now the trip will be more for pleasure than for work.

Again, thank you for the excellent service and the kind attention to our needs.”

—Layton G.
Houston, TX